ANTOLOGIA / Collective exhibition

ANTOLOGIA is a collective exhibition project, presented to the public on wednesday April 12, 2017 at 6.30 pm in Metronom (142, Viale Amendola – Modena), with a selection of works by Fabrizio Bellomo, Christto&Andrew, Martina della Valle, Annabel Elgar, Sanna Kannisto, Taisuke Koyama, Alberto Sinigaglia and The Cool Couple (Niccolò Benetton, Simone Santilli) joined with the collaboration among Alessandro Carrer, Sergio Giusti and Paola Paleari. A reading, a […]


Lesson 0 | Valerio Rocco Orlando

The exhibition Lesson Zero aims to elicit collective contemplation of key issues of contemporary life. The works on display pose questions about teaching and learning, and the customs and circumstances of education. They explore the fundamental premises of these acts along with the resulting cultural implications, provoking thought on how the working principles of these […]



As part of the wider range of activities of LIVEstudio third edition, Galleria Civica in Modena will host on thursday 23 february at 6PM in the main hall, LIVEstudio#3_talk, a dedicated event of presentation of the shortlsted projects selected by the curatorial commitee among the ones submitted during LIVEstudio open call. The artists that will take part to the talk are Claudio Beorchia, Paolo […]

FoAm talent_call

Open Call | Foam Talent

FOAM TALENT 2017 open call is available for submission; the annual selection of young international artists, mainly presenting their most innovative and recent photographic projects. The chosen artists will get published in FOAM magazine‘s TALENT issue and will be showcased in the FOAM Talent exhibition, which previously travelled to Paris, London and Brussels, and the outdoor show at the internationally […]


Fondamenta _ opening

Fondamenta is INSIDEART new exhibition space, independent magazine devoted to contemporary artistic research. It will open to the public on thursday 9th february with the exhibition Lights On-Lights Off. The space is meant to an open place where confrontation among all the artistic subjects’ is possible and foster : artists, galleries, museums, associations would become the active contributors to […]


Taisuke Koyama | Generated X

From 6 January 2017 at G/P Gallery, Tokyo the new solo show by Taisuke Koyama, Generated X.  The exhibition will present an updated version of the installation belonging to the photography and video series “PICO” that was shown in Koyama’s well received exhibition “Generated Images”, held at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery on April […]

Adobe Spark

LIVEstudio#3_open call

LIVEstudio is a programme addressed to those young artists who require a location to refine and show their works, without the urgence of an exhibition, but with the freedom of set-up, change, arrange as they would do in their own studio. On the occasion of LIVEstudio, Metronom makes its exhibition spaces in Modena available to […]


Inside Out / Upside Down

As part of the sixth edition of The Photographers’ Gallery’s  ‘Open Door’ series, resident hosts Wandering Bears present ‘Inside Out Upside Down’. Visitors are invited to respond to fourteen individual works, each by a different artist, by recreating their own versions. Each participant will receive an individual, takeaway sticker album in which to create and […]


Generazione Critica #4 / 20 – 21 october 2016

The fourth edition of Generazione Critica, annual congress on the practice of art critic, will be held this year in ex-Oratorio venue, at Palazzo dei Musei (Modena, Viale Vittorio Veneto) and will take place on thursday, October 20 and friday, October 21 2016, from 2 to 7 PM. The lecturers that will take part to this year […]


Tilo & Toni | Printed Matters Inc., NY

During Printed Matter Inc. Fair in New York, in Moma Ps1 venue (Long Island City, Queens), the tenth edition of NY Art Book Fair,  fromseptember 16th to 18th (6 – 9 pm / free entry). This year, the italian indipendent editor Skinnerboox will be one of the exhibitors, with an official presentation in preview of the new photographic project by TILO & TONI […]

Cell 17, McNeil Island Corrections Center, McNeil Island,Washington State, USA. In 2003 Brandon McGeary spent 211 days  awaiting trial for smuggling a stolen moon rock, 2015

Annabel Elgar | Photography is Magic • Aperture Foundation, New York

On Thursday, July 14th from 6 to 8 PM, the open reception at Aperture Foundation in New York, of the collective exhibition 2016 : Aperture Summer OPEN | Photography is Magic, curated by Charlotte Cotton.   ” The photographic practices represented in the final selection for this year’s Summer Open are rich with vitality and deep curiosity for the magical medium […]


Paola Paleari and Giorgio Di Noto at Arles

Our two lecturers of Generazione Critica #3 – Paola Paleari and Giorgio di Noto – will present their reflections around photography and new media in Arles, at leboudoir 2.0 (Le local, 13 rue de Pont), on saturday 9 July 2016 at 11.30 AM.   leboudoir 2.0 is a nomad research lab for concrete images growing as an online and IRL community of […]


‘Generazione Critica #3’ book launching | Dryphoto, Prato

“In a world covered by an ongoing flood of meaningful objects, the research aroung images and their inner production mechanism becomes a urgence rather than a simple artistic choice.” (Discipula)   Inside Inner Code programme, curated by Luca Carradori and Chiara Ruberti, the presentation of the newest book Generazione Critica. Arte, fotografia, tecnica (2016. Danilo Montanari Editore), is […]


‘Generazione Critica #3’ Book Launching | Centrale Fotografia, Fano

On Sunday June 12th at 11 am, at the former San Francesco Church in Fano, will be presented in preview the book Generazione Critica#3. Fotografia, tecnica e arte (Danilo Montanari Editore, 2016). The book features the critic essays that our lectures proposed for the third editon of Generazione Critica, that took place in Modena in October 2015: Frida […]

Through the Looking Glass

(English text below) Critic essay by Marcella Manni, for the exhibition ‘Through the Looking Glass‘, with works by Martina della Valle, Annabel Elgar and Baerbel Reinhard. (until June 4th in Metronom). “… she began looking about, and noticed that what could be seen from the old room was quite common and uninteresting, but that all the rest was as […]


Taisuke Koyama | DAIWA Foundation, London

On Friday, April 15 at DAIWA Foundation the first solo show by Taisuke Koyama in London will be presented. Generated Images, thematises the possibilities of photographic expression in the post-digital era. The artist aims to provide a space for audiences to experience ‘environmentalised’ images in the form of the tangible objects and data created by digital devices.   […]


Discipula | Persona

  Being part of the festival Show and Tell, the personal exhibition Persona by Discipula collective is visible until saturday, April 9th 2016 at  Twenty14Contemporary. Thank to Elena Vaninetti’s (YET Magazine) collaboration, the exhibition is conceived as a whole as a visual essay on the book  “Love’s Body”, wrote 1966 by the american writer and social philosopher Norman O. Brown. Through the […]