Paola Paleari and Giorgio Di Noto at Arles

Our two lecturers of Generazione Critica #3 Paola Paleari and Giorgio di Noto – will present their reflections around photography and new media in Arles, at leboudoir 2.0 (Le local, 13 rue de Pont), on saturday 9 July 2016 at 11.30 AM.


leboudoir 2.0 is a nomad research lab for concrete images growing as an online and IRL community of people who, facing the contemporary flood of mediated images, wishes to reflect on why and how to show photography today. During the week of the  Le Rencontres d’Arles festival, it hosts conference, debates, lecture, projections, all connected to the contemporary images fruition. Add to the rich program, more and multiform personalities have been involved.


Like our former-lecturers that – in presenting their own original reflections, will introduce the public the whole Generazione Critica project, its origin and its development, more than the recently published book ‘Generazione Critica. Arte, fotografia, tecnica. 2016‘ by Danilo Montanari editore, Ravenna.


Photography and New Media (with Generazione Critica)
Talk by Paola Paleari and Giorgio di Noto
saturday 9 july 2016, 11.30 AM
leboudoir 2.0 (Arles – Le local, 13 rue de Pont)
Free entrance