Ikebana Workshop and Martina della Valle Poster Launch

On Saturday 22nd July, from 4 to 5:30 pm, the Zabriskie bookshop in Berlin will host an english-language workshop dedicated to Ikebana, the Japanese art of floral composition, with the collaboration of the teacher Satoko Hatayama.

The workshop includes a historical-theoretical introduction of Ikebana art, followed by a practical session dedicated to composition. The aim of the course, in addition to learning the compositional technique, will be to understand how it is important in Ikebana not only to consider the beauty of the finished product, but also to focus on the feelings experienced, to perceive the flow of time and transience of what surrounds us.
Each participant can assemble his ikebana and take it with him at the end of the workshop.

The second part of the day will see the participation of the artist Martina della Valle, who will present a special edition of two limited edition photo posters and some photographic works, linked to the One flower, one leaf project.

To register or for more information: info@zabriskie.de
Deadline registration: 15th July.

Zabriskie Library / Ikebana workshop
Saturday 22nd July, at 4 PM