Cell 17, McNeil Island Corrections Center, McNeil Island,Washington State, USA. In 2003 Brandon McGeary spent 211 days  awaiting trial for smuggling a stolen moon rock, 2015

Annabel Elgar | Photography is Magic • Aperture Foundation, New York

On Thursday, July 14th from 6 to 8 PM, the open reception at Aperture Foundation in New York, of the collective exhibition 2016 : Aperture Summer OPEN | Photography is Magic, curated by Charlotte Cotton.


” The photographic practices represented in the final selection for this year’s Summer Open are rich with vitality and deep curiosity for the magical medium of photography. They share a fascination with and substantial knowledge of the historical roots and the contemporary state of photography. These artists actively play with the medium’s heritage-re-animating and re-contextualizing its alchemical properties-to render ideas about its contemporary material value. They are astutely aware of the viewers’ perceptions and trains of thought, grounded in our shared context of an ever-expanding image world. They invite us to pay attention to the thriving possibility of photography as an experimental platform, rich with materiality and visual sleight of hand.”

-Charlotte Cotton, curator and writer


Among the selected artist, Annabel Elgar will participate with some works from the series Cheating the Moon, already presented in METRONOM during the collective exhibition Through the Looking Glass. Until August 11th,  it wlll be possible to visit Aperture Foundation, with a wide range of works by Delaney Allen / Syl Arena / Lucy Wood Baird / Stella Baraklianou / Amelia Bauer /G. Roland Biermann / Thom Bridge / Radek Brousil / Drew Brown / Bubi Canal /Ellen Carey / Jesse Chehak / Joseph Desler Costa / Adam Ekberg / Ailbhe Greaney / Valerie Green / Jill Greenberg / Aaron Hegert / Matthew Herrmann / Sheree Hovsepian / Noah Jackson / Jessica Labatte / Dionne Lee /Matthew Leifheit and Cynthia Talmadge/ Jo Longhurst / Jason Lukas / Chris MaggioIrene Mamiye / William Miller / Chris Mottalini / Deepanjan MukhopadhyayJennifer Niederhauser Schlup / Zachary Norman / Ryan Oskin / Megan Paetzhold / Meghann Riepenhoff / Anastasia Samoylova / Michael Schmid /Marco Scozzaro / Katie Shapiro / Tabitha Soren / Jessica Thalmann / Sonja Thomsen / Patricia Voulgaris / Marta Wlusek /  Guanyu Xu / Hyounsang Yoo / Junsheng Zhou


2016 : Aperture Summer OPEN | Photography is Magic
Curated by Charlotte Cotton
Aperture Foundation
New York, 547 W 27th St
opening: Thursday, 14 July 2016
Until, August 11th 2016


© Annabel Elgar, Cell 17, McNeil Island Corrections Center, McNeil Island, Washington State, USA. In 2003 Brandon McGeary spent 211 days awaiting trial for smuggling a stolen moon rock, 2015
From the series ‘Cheating the Moon’