Antologia / Q&A with Paola Paleari and Giorgio di Noto

On wednesday 3 may, at 7pm as part of the collective show ANTOLOGIA, presented inside Metronom spaces until 3 June, Paola Paleari (art critic and Deputy Editor at YET magazine) and Giorgio di Noto (visual artist) will be available to the public for a session of Question & Answer, fostering the dialogue on some contemporary practices and issues that close together the artists of the youngest generation, starting from Paleari’s critical essay ‘World as object‘, written on occasion of the show as a reflection on some works by Annabel Elgar, Christto&Andrew and The Cool Couple.

The exhibition ANTOLOGIA , joins together works by Fabrizio Bellomo, Christto&Andrew, Martina della Valle, Annabel Elgar, Sanna Kannisto, Taisuke Koyama, Alberto Sinigaglia e The Cool Couple (Niccolò Benetton, Simone Santilli) is conceived as a reading and a picking into Metronom archive, thanks to the collaboration with Alessandro Carrer, Sergio Giusti and Paola Paleari, in ideal connection with the project Generazione Critica.


Q&A with Paola Paleari and Giorgio di Noto
3 may 2017, 7pm
142, Viale Amendola – Modena

Free entrance, mandatory registration on EVENTBRITE, reserved to max 20 participants. / / T. +39 059 344692