Big Eye Kabul – Antonio Ottomanelli

Antonio Ottomanelli, attentive towards the dynamics between the individual and the public space, in Big Eye Kabul raises his gaze. In his pictures, he shows the dirigibles used by the US army to control the occupied territories. In this overturned gaze, who usually observes is now observed, and in this momentary role reversal is possible to inspect the relation between the Afghan people’s desire for emancipation and the strategies of control with the pretext of public security. These big white devices, very visible, fly day and night over the Afghan territories and constantly remind to the local people they cannot consider themselves free yet.

Big Eye Kabul is part of a bigger research on Afghanistan and Iraq, which aims to investigate the consequences of the wars that originated on these countries after 9/11.


Monica Poggi


Antonio Ottomanelli, Big Eye Kabul, 2013.

© Antonio Ottomanelli 2013