Compleanno – Marilisa Cosello

Compleanno (Birthday) is a diary for images that the artist Marilisa Cosello has imagined as description of her multiple personality, finding five characters that represent five different people living inside her, telling the origin, the present and the future of herself : The Bride, The Lover, The Man, The bourgeois woman, The Two Children. Birthday is the day in which they meet each other.

The artist represents the identity of her human being and – through the representation – tells the story of what is outside. Five people who live, describing the society in which they were born, tell the identity that they must have, describing the conventions in which they need to be in order to be. The body becomes the real, the representation of the real, the true identity. Only through the body, always the same body, yet different for each character, there is recognition. The body is the instrument of freedom of the characters, through which they manifest themselves

Marilisa Cosello, Compleanno, 2015

© Marilisa Cosello, 2015