Curating Photography: a Laboratory of Ideas, Projects and Practices | Open call for curators

The ISSP organizes an open call for the workshop “Curating Photography: a Laboratory of Ideas, Projects and Practices” addressed to photography or lens-based media curators – whether independent or working for an institution, or just starting out in their curatorial practice.

When thinking about exhibiting photography in the context of institutions, festivals and education programmes, many questions arise: For whom do we curate photography exhibitions? What is our role as producers/curators of content? How do we unfold a story / concept / question on the wall and in space? How do we integrate authorial photography works into contemporary inter-media narratives without violating their material and conceptual essence?

Through lectures, group discussions and an analysis of the curatorial case studies brought in by the participants, the laboratory will result in the development of individual curatorial proposals (submitted initially or developed on-site). The participants will also gain hands-on experience and connect with the other ISSP workshops by helping them conceptualise and install the ISSP final exhibition, as well as by consulting the ISSP Residents on the best ways to develop their projects towards an exhibition form.

“Curating Photography: a Laboratory of Ideas, Projects and Practices”
Workshop with Natasha Christia
Deadline for submission: 15 April 2018