Taisuke Koyama | DAIWA Foundation, London

On Friday, April 15 at DAIWA Foundation the first solo show by Taisuke Koyama in London will be presented. Generated Images, thematises the possibilities of photographic expression in the post-digital era. The artist aims to provide a space for audiences to experience ‘environmentalised’ images in the form of the tangible objects and data created by digital devices.


In the most recent years of the post-Internet era, there has been increasing interconnectivity between the virtual and the real. In photography, this has coincided with the advancement of digital camera and printing technology. As a result, photography is about to enter a radically new transitional period.  Digital photography generates images by converting light into data, unlike analogue photography, which fixes the light on a film via physical substances. The concepts of ‘original’ and ‘critical moments’ have been gradually replaced by a sense of replication, synthesis, re-editing and re-composing, sorting and sharing by tags and keywords…. infinite intervention in the images.



The exhibition is organized by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, with the support of Arts Council Tokyo, Sony Europe and the collaboration of G/P gallery.



> Artist Talk at Daiwa Foundation: 20 May 2016, 2pm

The artist will be joined by Gemma Padley, freelance photography journalist and editor, and Projects Editor at British Journal of Photography.



Generated Images, an exhibition by Taisuke Koyama
Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
from April 15 to May 27, 2016
From Monday to Friday / 9.30 am – 5 pm (extraordinary opening: May 21 – 10 am / 5 pm)
13/14 Cornwall Terrace, Outer Circle (etrance facing Regent’s Park), London NW1 4QP



© Taisuke Koyama, Light Field, 2016