Digital Video Wall // Call-for-project

Digital Video Wall is the new call-for-project promoted by Metronom for the selection of three digital projects to be displayed in its exhibition space, for the duration of one month each, starting from October 2018.

Wanting to confirm the constant attention of Metronom towards research and experimentation of the latest creative practices, the call offers a space for exploring the expressive possibilities of new technologies and the comparison with the digital age and its languages.

The place that will be dedicated to the selected projects is the window of the exhibition space, which thanks to four monitors facing outwards, will turn into a unique digital video wall entirely reserved for the diffusion and use of content 24 hours a day. The three selected projects will be screened in three separate periods in the months of October, November and December 2018. These will also be offered a space for further study (interview or focus) on the generazionecritica platform.

Artists and curators, both single and collective, of any age and origin can participate in the selection, with video art, animation, graphics, VR … or in any case suitable for on-screen presentation and in close connection with digital creative practices.

Deadline to apply: September 20th 2018
Regulation and Application Form

For inquiries: info@metronom.it / +39 059239501