Discipula | Persona


Being part of the festival Show and Tell, the personal exhibition Persona by Discipula collective is visible until saturday, April 9th 2016 at  Twenty14Contemporary. Thank to Elena Vaninetti’s (YET Magazine) collaboration, the exhibition is conceived as a whole as a visual essay on the book  “Love’s Body”, wrote 1966 by the american writer and social philosopher Norman O. Brown.

Through the combination of some extracts with online found images, manipulated by the artist himself, ‘Persona’ projects Brown’s vision and research into the present, in order to generate a cultural/historical short circuit, giving the chance for a deep reflection on the complex nature of personal identity in the current digital era.



is a collective devote to contemporary visual research, founded in 2013 by M.F.G Paltrinieri, Tommaso Tanini and Mirco Smerdel. In 2015 they took part as lectures to Generazione Critica #3, promoted by Metronom.


Persona | Discipula
Show and Tell, T14 Space
Until april 9th, 2016


© Discipula, installation view