Everyone has something to share – Giovanni Fredi

Everyone has something to share, but where does anything that has posted goes through the modern techological devices? What is the destiny of the Flusser’s ‘technoimages’?

Giovanni Fredi is a young artist that decided to collect and appropriate, without asking any authorization neither to the interested subjects, nor to the effective devices’ owners, of the images that Apple stores users save on the smartphones and tablets available in the Apple shops around the world.

Photographies made and soon abandoned on the used devices, even without the knowledge of the data survivors and not worried about the possible usage of this material. An attitude that shows a lack of a critic reflection, a loss of conscience that permits to understand the real mechanisms, the potentiality and the limits of modern technological society, of a complete competence and mastery of the tools we everyday use.

The artist reflection becomes an advice on the urgency of sharing anyone’s own image, without worrying about the management possibilities of the process.


Everyone has something to share (Apple)


Bianca Cavuti

Cover image: Giovanni Fredi, Everyone has something to share (presented at 6pm Your Local Time Europe), 2015.

© Giovanni Fredi, 2015