F4 Festival

On Friday 14 July at 6 pm at Fondazione Francesco Fabbri in Pieve di Soligo (TV) will open the seventh edition of F4 / un’idea di Fotografia, one of the most important festival dedicated to contemporary photography in Italy.

In order to convey the plurality of languages in which the contemporary image is articulated, the festival offers meetings, workshops and exhibitions of contemporary photographers and international emerging artists. One of the main themes of the festival is the vision of a landscape that alongside the narration of the territory, explores the relationship with the human element and the perceptual aspects connected to them. The 2017 edition will reflects on the figure of Francesco Fabbri and, in particular, on the cultural and civil heritage of his thought; the theme on which the authors will be asked to reflect is the concept of community.

As part of the festival, the exhibition Fare comunità, curated by Carlo Sala, includes a selection of works by Silvia Camporesi, Christto & Andrew, Marco Ceroni, Federica Landi, Victor Leguy, César Meneghetti and Mustafa Sabbagh. Christto & Andrew presents some images of the series Muddy Waters that lead the observer in a distant city, Doha, in the Gulf of Qatar to highlight the condition of expatriates living there through a shiny and ironic visual assembly on sudden social and economic changes produced by globalization.

F4 / un’idea di Fotografia
Opening // Friday 14 July6 pm
July 15 – August 27, 2017
Vialla Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo (TV)
Piazza Libertà, 7