Face2Face // Luca Massaro and Daniele de Luigi

Extract from the conversation between Luca Massaro and Daniele de Luigi, inside the Project Room Face2Face, part of the summer residence Seeing Double that Luca Massaro is helding in Metronom until 21 July, 2017.

> Daniele de Luigi: When you talk about Vietnik, the most correct word to use is in English, that is Latin on the origin: persona. This word encloses the themes of the doubling, the ambiguity, the mask, the role play. It reminds also the namesake movie by Bergman: the falsity of gesture, the devilish attitude of reality…

Luca Massaro: Yes, indeed. Persona could very likely be a title or a caption of Vietnik. So, “maschera” and “character”, but also public image as self-construction (like the public presentation of ourselves on social media) and construction of an ‘individual mythology’ (Harald Szeemann). As in the previous works, I started from a kind of semantic ambiguity, with also a hide small autobiographical component: Vietnik used to be a musical project, with a pseudonym borrowed by a dialogue on Dylan in a film by Godard.

Cover image: © Luca Massaro, Google Street View, Silicon Valley, 2017


Seeing Double // Luca Massaro + guests
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Metronom // 22.06 – 21.07