Festival dei Popoli / Doc at Work

During the Festival dei Popoli, which takes place in Florence from 3 to 10 November 2018, Doc at Work section presents some meetings with the directors to deepen themes concerning the documentary today, comparing points of view and styles of the authors.

> Monday, November 5th – Auditorium Sant’Apollonia 11:00 – Free Entrance
DOCXCHANGE: DOCUMENTARY EXHIBITORS COLLECTIVEHow inspire filmakers and public to “turn doc”. A new global network of dedicated documentary cinema exhibitors is born..
Speakers: Chris McDonald (Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema), Elizabeth Wood (Bertha Dochouse), Stefania Ippoliti and Camilla Toschi (La Compagnia). Language: English.

> Wednesday, November 7th – Istituto Francese – ore 11:00 am – Free Entrance
On the occasion of the retrospective “The Living Landscape: the Cinema of Dominique Marchais” at the 59th Festival dei Popoli. “I discovered the countryside during my childhood: the landscapes and the habits, the cows and the poultry, the hunting, the rhythm of seasons dictated by agriculture. Then the landscape has changed: new people have arrived and new buildings have been built. In trying to face the grief for this changes I shoot in different parts of Europe, while the changes were taking place, in order to understand what happened to us.” (D. Marchais)
Moderator: Daniele Dottorini. English Language.

> Monday, November 5 – Dipartimento SAGAS – ore 3 pm – free entrance
In collaboration with the Master in Scienze dello spettacolo, Festival dei Popoli wil host the Panel Discussion “Memory and the Archives.” Departing from some of the films presented in this edition that will be discussed as case studies, we will reflect on the importance of memory and its preservation through archives, essential tools not only in terms of cinema but also to design our future.
With the presence of: Nicolas Champeaux (The State Against Mandela & The Others), Nebojša Slijepčević (Srbenka), Ghassan Halwani (Erased, Ascent of the Invisible), Paola Valentini (UniFi), Federico Pierotti (UniFi), Serge Noiret (European University Institute). Language: English.

> Tuesday, November 6th – Auditorium Sant’Apollonia – h 10 am – Free Entrance
At the core of the cinema of Roberto Minervini there is a relational process with the subjects filmed. The intimate, profound life experiences they are willing to share are transformed into narratives by the gaze of the film director. During the masterclass, Minervini will expound the characteristics of his approach to film-making, based on observation and intuition and accompanied by exemplary formal ad aesthetic rigour.
Moderator: Alessandro Stellino. Language: Italian.

Festival dei Popoli
Florence, 5 – 10 November 2018