Generazione Critica is a research project devoted  to the most recent art trends on the international scene, with its main focus on the contemporary production of images. Generazione Critica (i.e. ‘Critic Generation’) is an online bilingual magazine, published in Italian / English. Founded in 2012 it features interviews, insights, critic essays, reviews and a news section. The focus on art from 2000 onwards characterizes the contents and the particular attention towards the projects of research and experimentation. It follows a various range of activities, from the one fostered by no-profit organizations, to the one organized by public and private institutions, with a priviledge attention to the dialogue with the artist.

Generazione Critica is also a yearly panel discussion, usually taking place in October, composed a series of talks through which the lecturers inspect the art of the present from a critical point of view. In this context, the word ‘generation’ refers not only to the aim of ‘generating’ a critical discourse among the participants, but bears also a clear generational reference in itself: the speakers taking part to the conference, indeed, are born after 1970 and all the artistic practices under analysis have been realized from 2000 onwards. This choice allows a major up-to-date focus on the most recent productions and a deeper investigation on the artists and their researches.


editor in chief
Marcella Manni

contributors (ordine alfabetico) Emil Rønn Andersen, Fabrizio Bellomo, Broomberg & Chanarin, Alessandro Carrer, Bianca Cavuti, Kenta Cobayashi, Tim Cullmann, Daniele de Luigi, Martina della Valle, Ellen Dosse, Annabel Elgar, David Fathi, Sara Ferrari, Vittorio Iervese, Simona Luchian, Filippo Luini, Rachele Maistrello, Luca Massaro, Tommaso Mori, Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Domenico Quaranta, Valerio Rocco Orlando, Lia Ronchi, Luca Panaro, Monica Poggi, Marga Rotteveel, Marco Signorini, Michael Wang.


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