Martin Errichiello e Filippo Menichetti, In quarta persona, 2016

In Quarta Persona – Martin Errichiello and Filippo Menichetti

Photographs, video, archival documents and audio recordings compose Martin Errichiello and Filippo Menichetti’s narration. The tale in the work In Quarta Persona (In Fourth Person) is told by different voices, aiming to retrace the recent events of Italian history. In particular, they are mapping the territory of Calabria region alongside the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway. Suspended between recollections and a sense of failure, the images and the doduments try to recreate the fragmented memory. The case of Eranova, for instance, is worth remembering: the small rural centre was completely destroyed and erased in the name of industrial growth and progress – ambitions that remained unfulfilled. The variety of the language and the gap between the images outline a path that progresses step by step, with dead-ends and changes of direction, in researching and re-elaborating the memory. Retracing the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway, the authors record the metamorphosis of the landscape, which becomes the symbol of an unrealised  economic and industrial growth.

Sara Ferrari


Martin Errichiello and Filippo Menichetti, In quarta persona, archival image.

@ Martin Errichiello and Filippo Menichetti 2016