Martina della Valle / Workshop / Amsterdam

On the occasion of Unseen 2018, Martina della Valle presents One Flower, one Leaf#5, workshop dedicated to the ikebana practice held together with Satoko Hatayama, in the spaces of Conscious Hotel Westerpark, Amsterdam on tuesday 18th September 2018. The project is promoted by Metronom, with the collaboration of Amsterdam Flower School and Unseen.

The workshop includes a first introduction to the art of ikebana and a direct collection on the field of materials and spontaneous fragments (woods, plants, berries, flowers), with the aim of creating an original ikebana composition for each participant. At the end of the composition process, Martina della Valle will photograph the copies made, to produce limited edition works she will include in her still-life archive linked to the project.

The ongoing project One Flower, one Leaf by Martina della Valle, is conceived as a deep study on ikebana nature, observed through the direct exploration on different territories and urban landscapes. The previous four episodes of the workshop were held in Italy – in Prato, Rome and Bolzano and in Sweden.

Martina della Valle will also show some PREMIERE pieces of the series One Flower, one Leaf inside Metronom booth 19 at Unseen fair.

One Flower, One Leaf#5
Workshop on the ikebana practice
18 september 2018, 10.30am – 5.00pm
Conscious Hotel, Westerpark