Matter / Burn Out – Daisuke Yokota

Daisuke Yokota has presented the serie ‘Matter‘ to the public as an immense installation using 100,000 photographic prints, emphasizing the texture and materiality of photograph surfaces by mass-printing images from photo books and ordinary life on rolls of paper and solidifying them in wax.

‘MATTER / BURN OUT’ is an extension of the work series ‘Matter’ which was exhibited in Xiamen in 2015, 70 years after the war between Japan and China. Once the exhibition had come to a close, the work was burnt in the, once again, vacant space in the area. This ‘burn out’ process was documented in 4,000 photographs, whereby the data was processed, manipulated and revived to form a brand new, large scale work called “MATTER / BURN OUT”, and edited to this publication.

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Daisuke Yokota, MATTER / BURN OUT, 2016

© Daisuke Yokota, courtesy G/P gallery, 2016