Rachele Maistrello | Museo Fattori

The exhibition ONE OF US (The Cabinet) by Rachele Maistrello, curated by Zoë De Luca, opens to the public at Museo Giovanni Fattori in Livorno on Saturday, 20 May. The event is part of the project Level 0, which came to the fourth edition: on the occasion of ArtVerona 2016, the directors of 14 museums and contemporary art institutes selected one or more artists from those present at the fair and committed to promoting them inside of their programming through a talk, a presentation or an exhibition. The Museum Giovanni Fattori in Livorno has identified Rachele Maistrello, proposed at the fair by Metronom.

One of Us reflects on the psychological and relational dynamics that exist between five girls living within the same housing context. Everyone calls it the girls’ home is a border and passage between different ages and emotional states, where distant contexts and aspirations meet, creating a setting that is both a shelter and a theater. The project involves the creation of a set of scenery in which the artist photographs the girls, taking care to preserve the intimate and familiar tone that characterizes the sharing of a home. Placed in a limbo between vernacular photography, scene photography and reportage, these images reflect on the very nature of the instrument, aiming to reflect on the revelation of relationships and emotions through the photographic medium. The artist realized part of the project at the second edition of Livestudio‘s residence at Metronom.

ONE OF US (The Cabinet) | Rachele Maistrello
curated by Zoë De Luca
Opening // Saturday 20 May, 5pm
20 May – 4 June 
Opening time // from Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 1pm; 4-7pm
Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori
via S. Jacopo in Acquaviva 65/71, Livorno