Searching for a New Way | Roundtable

On friday 15 december will take place in Modena SEARCHING FOR A NEW WAY, a roundtable organized within the initiatives of Generazione Critica, platform of research and discussion on contemporary art practice, with a specific focus on experiences from 2000 onwards.

The lecturers that will join the roundtable are Alessandro Carrer (art critic, professor ISIA Urbino), Daniele De Luigi (curator, Galleria Civica Modena), Vincenzo Estremo (critic and curator, editorial director Droste Effect), Sergio Giusti (critic and professor, CFP Bauer Milan), Francesca Lazzarini (independent curator), Elena Giulia Rossi (art critic, curator and editorial director, Arshake), Carlo Sala (curator, Francesco Fabbri Foundation), Gabriele Tosi (critic and curator). The conversation will be moderate by Vittorio Iervese (professor, Modena and Reggio Emilia University).

During the roundtable the lecturers will propose some reflections on important topic around contemporary art, focusing on photography and video as field of research. Artistic production from 2000 has shown an increasing reset of boundaries in the access and in art fruition. Post-photography, memory, archive…are some of the key concepts in the research by authors of the youngest generation. Image credibility into the cultural and social context, the scenario generated by the digital in contemporary art, the artistic production within the mass information environment, photography among information and representation, photography as social option; these are some of the themes the lecturers will deal with in an open dialogue with the public, with the aim of providing tools and ideas to orientate into the complex world of contemporary art. Lecturers, in the singularity of role and interest, will dialogue around these topics, finding out some possible common tendencies in artistic practice with a concurrently action of reshape the role of the art critic in a contemporary context.

The event will be the occasion to present the volume Searching for a New Way. Critical engagement in Contemporary Art since 2000, edit by Metronom Books, that collect the english translations of a selection of critical essays already published in Generazione Critica series, with the perspective of a increasingly open to an international audience and the diffusion of the produced material during the previous panel discussions held in Modena.

Generazione critica is promoted and organized by Metronom, with the Patronage of Modena Municipality, in collaboration with Fondazione Fotografia, Modena. Generazione Critica is part of the program Mapping the Studio.

Cover image: MDMA & 2C-B, from the project The Iceberg by Giorgio Di Noto, 2017

Art, photography and critic
Friday 15 december 2017
Sala ex-Oratorio, Palazzo dei Musei | Viale Vittorio Veneto, 5 – Modena


17.00 – 17.30 | Institutional greetings
Gianpietro Cavazza, Councilor for Culture, Relations with University – School, Modena Municipality
Filippo Maggia, Educational Direction, Fondazione Fotografia Modena

17.30 – 19.30 | Roundtable

Free entrance, subject to availability
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