Serlachius Residency | Finland

The Serlachius residency, situated in Mänttä-Vilppula, Finland, is a residency studio maintained by Serlachius Museums and the Mänttä Art Festival. Some 20–30 artists or groups of artists work in the residency each year. The residency application period for 2019 is 1–28 February 2018.

The Serlachius residency, which has been operating since 2015, is aimed at creative professionals, such as artists, researchers and curators, working in the field of the visual arts. In addition to a studio and accommodation, the residency offers contacts with local art professionals as well as opportunities to engage in community-based projects with the people of Mänttä.

The length of the residency period may be from one to six months. In addition to individual residency periods, applications may also be made for production residencies spread over several years. No rent is charged for the residency period. Instead, the residency guests are expected to provide a written report about their work in Mänttä.

Accommodation for residency guests is provided in Einola house, in the culturally and historically valued park milieu of Serlachius Museum Gösta. The studio and exhibition premises are in an Art Nouveau building known as Aleksanterin linna, located next to Serlachius Museum Gustaf in the centre of Mänttä, around three kilometres away from Einola. Residency guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements as well as their working and living costs during the residency period.

Residency applications are made using the online application form. The form and application instructions can be found on the residency website when the application period begins. Late applications will not be processed.

The residency website and a link that opens when the application period begins can be found here:
http://www.serlachius.fi/en/ residency/
Additional information: residency@ serlachius.fi