Taisuke Koyama | AIMIA AGO

Taisuke Koyama is one of the shortlisted artists of the tenth edition of AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize, yearly prize that recognizes four artists working in photography who have exhibited extraordinary potential over the last five years. The artists are chosen via an international nomination process. The AGO Photography Prize invites curators and critics from around the world to nominate two artists each for the long list. A jury of three, led by an AGO curator, consider the long list to select the shortlist.

The exhibition at Ontario Art Gallery in Toronto, is conceived as a presentation of the projects by Liz Johnson Artur, Raymond Boisjoly, Taisuke Koyama, and Hank Willis Thomas.

“The physical world and the image world are both fluid and continue to change. I have tried to find new possibilities for photography with these questions: how is the image transformed through the effects of natural phenomena, digital devices and the media? And how does the image feed our senses and our own internal image data?”

Taisuke Koyama (b. 1978) is a Japanese artist, who explores the possibility of image making in the digital age. His abstract photographs and moving images employ experimental production methods to investigate the relationship between organic processes and phenomena and the technologies that facilitate their visual capture. He has exhibited extensively in Europe and Asia including Generated Images at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery, London, 2016 and at international art festivals: Aichi Trienniale (2016), Seotuchi Trienniale (2013), Daegu Photo Biennale (2012). In 2010, he was selected as part of the annual roster of Foam Talent for Foam Magazine. Monographs of his work include VESSEL – XYZXY (RRose Editions + taisuke koyama projects, 2017) and RAINBOW VARIATIONS (artbeat publishers + Kodoji Press, 2015). Koyama currently lives and works in Amsterdam and is represented by G/P Gallery, Tokyo, Metronom, Italy and Sunday Gallery, Switzerland.

Cover image: installation view of the show  AGO Photography PrizeOntario Art Gallery in Toronto.

Taiuske Koyama
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
until 14 january 2o18
public vote until 5 november 2017