Taisuke Koyama | Generated X

From 6 January 2017 at G/P Gallery, Tokyo the new solo show by Taisuke Koyama, Generated X

The exhibition will present an updated version of the installation belonging to the photography and video series “PICO” that was shown in Koyama’s well received exhibition “Generated Images”, held at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery on April 2016 in London.

In recent years, Koyama’s work has focused on the ‘experience the images’ and it is for this exhibition that an installation exploring the viewer’s physical interaction with images has been developed. This exhibition will also exhibit the work “VESSEL- XYZXY”, which was previously exhibited at the “Aichi Triennial 2016: Trans Dimension” and was created in collaboration with Japanese sculptor Kohei Nawa, as well as the work “Light Field” which explores the possibilities for photography in the post-digital era.

From 2014 to 2016, Koyama lived and worked in London, England via the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists sponsored by the Agency of Cultural Affairs. Currently he lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since moving to Europe, Koyama has had solo exhibitions in Zurich and London; and has participated in group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Milan. In 2015, Koyama was invited to participate in “PLAT(T)FORM 2015″ organised by Fotomuseum Winterhur, Switzerland. In addition, the photo book “Rainbow Variations” (2015) was created in collaboration with Swiss designers duo MAXIMAGE, was published by artbeat publishers, and the Swiss publishing house Kodoji Press. In 2016, Koyama participated in “Japan Media Arts Festival in Aomori” (Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori, JP, 2016); “Aichi Triennial 2016: Trans Dimension” (Okazaki Cibico, Higashi Okazaki, JP, 2016) and collaborated with CAMPER to create a collection of limited edition products. Koyama is currently working on projects for the near future.

With a background in biology and natural environmental studies, Koyama’s work explores the possibilities of image making in the post digital-era. Please take this opportunity to discover Taisuke Koyama’s work.

Taisuke Koyama | Generated X
G/P gallery, Tokyo
until 26 february, 2017