Talent Prize 2017 / open call

The Talent Prize 2017 open call is open for submission until 26 June, 2017.

International artists, born after 1977, are welcome to submit for free their works, both in the fields of painting, video, sculpture, installation, photography. The candidates should present one new work, or one recently produced, that has not participated to any other award, sending until 26 June the mandatory documents. All the info on www.talentprize.it

The committee that will select the winning project is formed by Peter Benson Miller, Joachim Blüher, Fabio Cavallucci, Gianluca Marziani and Roberta Tenconi, together with the jurors that have previously work on the project Anna d’Amelio Carbone , Rocco Guglielmo, Charlotte Morel , Federica Pirani, Ludovico Pratesi, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Marcello Smarrelli, Guido Talarico.

The Talent Prize winner will be awarded with 10.000€ (5.000€ in money and 5.000€ in promotion), a wide focus on Inside Art number dedicate to the Prize, exit in December and, thanks to the cultural partnership with the city of Lille, will present the series in the exhibition Format à l’italienne (Espace Le Carré, Lille), alongside with the works of the artist-in-residence at atelier Wicar di Roma.
Info and application on www.talentprize.it