The End [Action #5] – Andrea Galvani

The work The End [Action #5] by Andrea Galvani is part of a wider research, named The End Trilogy (2013-2016), that aims to enrich the experience of physical rules that govern reality, in the effort of re-define the thin boundary between visible and invisible.

The video, reproduced through a golden macbook placed on a cement base, is realized using a jet that, high-speed flying above the sea directed to the sun, gives us back images of a eternally suspended sunset. This physic phenomeon, index of the planet movement around the sun, thus becomes the clue event of a primordial vision, suspended at the origin of the geological era. The work enhances the tension of an event not meant to become true. Thanks to the jet action, Galvani realized what Giovanni Anselmo had tried to make in Documentazione di interferenza umana nella gravitazione universale (1969), photographing his solemn gait towards sunset : to suspend – at least conceptually – the cosmic dynamics that rule the vital cicle of the Earth, in the ruinous and poetic effort of overcome our existential limits.


Monica Poggi


Andrea Galvani, The End [Action #5], 2015

© Andrea Galvani, 2015