The Language of Living – Felicity Hammond

Felicity Hammond is a young british photographer, that for many years has been dealing with photography in a broader sense, experimenting surfaces, matters and print on various materials.


In the project ‘ The Language of Living ‘, composed by a wide range of expressions – from installation to performance –  the artist has appropriated the digitally rendered architectural propositions for luxury living to point to the planned obsolescence that is inherent within the capitalist narrative. It considers this through drawing upon the past, present, and future of areas undergoing regeneration. A good part of the project is devoted to the comprehension of how architecture and socio-economical urban planning, are often and necessarily connected among broader educative institutions, disregarding in some way the historical thus relational origin of whom will inhabit these areas.


© Felicity Hammond, Show Room : The Language of Living, 2016, Inkjet print on vinyl and ceramic, acrylic.