TILO&TONI | Park Hotel, Amsterdam

The exhibtion THOMAS USCHI CHRIS & DAVID   by the duo TILO&TONI is on view until sunday 22 october 2017 in the spaces of Park Hotel, Amsterdam.

The show is conceived to be a broad reflection on handicraft productions and is composed by 22 limited edition works produced by the artists and presented for the first time on the occasion of the show. On the one hand the work offers a view behind the scenes of TILO & TONIinterests, working methods, reference points, idols and tricks are revealed. On the other hand the duo remain loyal to their way of working: the focus is on a tension field between painting, photography, sculpture and a site-specific installation. By working with a variety of set pieces and discourse particles from the field of contemporary art, everyday culture, handicrafts and DIY aesthetics, TILO & TONI create an installation related to the setting of the Park Hotel, incorporating typical image-based rhetoric about hotel entrances and aesthetics.

TILO & TONI is an artistic duo, founded in 2015. Works by TILO&TONI have been selected for numerous international shows, as Die Grosse, Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, DE (2017), plat(t)form, Winterthur, SW (2017), European Photography Award (2016). In 2016 they published their first artist book U can’t touch this with Skinnerboox.

Cover image // installation view, Park Hotel, Amsterdam 2017

solo show by TILO & TONI
Park Hotel, Amsterdam