Wakeful Dream

Wakeful Dreams – Christto & Andrew

The work of the artists Christto & Andrew, born respectively in Puerto Rico and in South Africa, deal with the topics of national identity and history of a specific place. In particular, they take their inspiration from Doha, the city in Qatar where they currently live, which in a few decades witnessed a quick growth and a radical transformation. Christto & Andrew’s ideas regarding life in Qatar are shaped in pictures such as Wakeful Dreams: in the portrait, like in the other works from the same series, the person depicted becomes a fictional character who wears vintage garments and shows surreal characteristics. In the image, a fake eye lies on the plate in the woman’s hands, who seems to be offering it to the viewer as if she wanted to give him her own sight.


Christto & Andrew, Wakeful Dreams, Liquid Portraits, 2014.

© Christto & Andrew 2014