We Live in Mannerist Times – Pablo Bronstein

Pablo Bronstein, by using technical sketches that are the result of his studies in architecture, reflects on the principles of architectural design through history and on the power of large-scale planning for big projects. Every drawing, map or section realised by the artist are separated from their original function and the result seems to challenge the current architectural approaches, which seem to have lost their greatness.

In We Live in Mannerist Times, Bronstein is inspired by different decorative and architectural orders which concur to realise his plans that, with a certain mannerism, present a different perspective of the image and the urgency of leaving a trace in time. Every sketch is accompanied by a rendering of a series of machines and technical details that are linked to the discovery of steam engines; these are interpreted by the artist in order to recreate an immersive experience for the spectator, conserving a taste for the past and, simultaneously, highlighting an utopian change.

Lia Ronchi


Pablo Bronstein, We Live in Mannerist Times, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2015.

© Pablo Bronstein 2015