pigment ink-print 65 x 92cm

White Space // NonostanteMarras

On the occasion of the closing week of the personal exhibition by Sanna KannistoWhite Space, on Friday 17 November in the spaces of NonostanteMarras in Milan will take place an event fully dedicated to the research of the Finnish artist, in collaboration with Photo Vogue Festival 2017.

From 6.30pm Sanna Kannisto will lead the audience through the set-up of the exhibition White Space, introducing thematic focus and technical choices. Following this, from 7.30pm the projection of two videos realized during the artist’s research and field study, together with the book signing of the limited edition publication White Space, published by Metronom Books, that collects a wide selections of the most recent works by Sanna Kannisto.

For the occasion Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Photo Editor, Vogue Italy), Marcella Manni (Metronom) and Patrizia Sardo Marras will be in dialogue with the artist.

The videos projected during the event will be visible throughout the Photo Vogue Festival, 16 – 19 November 2017, within an original set-up inside Marras showroom.

Cover image: © Sanna Kannisto, Deilephila Elpenor, 2016

WHITE SPACE // event fully dedicated of Sanna Kannisto’s practice
Friday 17, November 2017
6.30pm, walk through the exhibition
7.30pm, video screen and book launch
Via Cola di Rienzo, 8 – Milan
Free entrance, subject to availability
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