Generazione Critica #4

The fourth edition of Generazione Critica (Critic generation) took place in Modena on the 20th – 21st October 2016 at Palazzo dei Musei (Viale Vittorio Veneto, 5). Before the event, a workshop dedicated to the practice of the art critic, took place in METRONOM spaces on 8th October.


The event was divided in two different moments: the first part, the workshop, was created in order to encourage a reflection, an analysis, and a debate between the participants – students, artists, curators – on specific topics. Following this, the second part was a public conference with the talks of lecturers, art professionals, and critics.


The focus of the discussion, may be summarized in ‘difference and repetition’. It was chosen to analize contemporary art and its approach towards the past, in dialectical terms. This bond with one’s own history is at once founding principle and legacy, and is interpreted by artists as such. Memory, archive, preservation, appropriation… these are all concepts that constitute the hub of a great deal of contemporary art.


The workshop was attended by Monica Poggi, Lia Ronchi, Bianca Cavuti and Sara Ferrari; the lecturers that was invited to partecipate were Andrea Botto (artist); Fabrizia Carabelli (Editor, Inside Art); Alessandro Carrer (art critic, professor at ISIA, Urbino); Vittorio Iervese, (researcher at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia); Karen McQuaid (Senior curator, Photographers’ Gallery, London); NASTYNASTY© (artist collective, founder of BlisteZine); Luca Panaro, (art critic, professor at Academy of Fine Art in Brera, Milan); Alberto Sinigaglia, (artist); Elvira Vannini, (art critic, professor NABA – New academy of Fine Art).


As usual, following to the fourth edition of Generazione Critica, a publication that collects all the lectures and workshop essays are featured in the publication, Generazione Critica. La fotografia tra ripetizione e differenza, by Danilo Montanari Editore (Ravenna, Italy), curated by Marcella Manni and Luca Panaro.