Generazione Critica #5

The fifth edition of Generazione Critica was held on 15th December 2017 inside Sala ex-oratorio at Palazzo dei Musei in Modena.

The day was divided into a first part – the Workshop – where some students of the Master of contemporary image of Fondazione Fotografia Modena met the invited lecturers, then continued with a round table open to the public dedicated to sharing reflections on artistic experiences from the 2000s onwards.

The round table was also an opportunity to present a preview of the volume Searching for a New Way, that collects the English translations of some of the critical essays presented in the previous editions of the conference, already published inside the Generation Critics series, edit by Danilo Montanari .

The lecturers that took part to the round table were Alessandro Carrer (art critic, professor ISIA Urbino), Daniele De Luigi (curator, Galleria Civica Modena), Vincenzo Estremo (critic and curator, editorial director Droste Effect), Sergio Giusti (critic and professor, CFP Bauer Milan), Elena Giulia Rossi (art critic, curator and editorial director Arshake), Carlo Sala (curator, Fondazione Francesco Fabbri), Gabriele Tosi (critic and curator).

The volume Searching for a New Way, published by Metronom Books will be available soon for the online shop. It collects contributions from Fabrizia Carabelli, Alessandro Carrer, Daniele De Luigi, Sara Dolfi Agostini, Vincenzo Estremo, Sergio Giusti, Vittorio Iervese, Francesca Lazzarini, Karen McQuaid, Elisa Medde, Paola Paleari, Luca Panaro, Domenico Quaranta, Elena Giulia Rossi, Carlo Sala.