Headean Stories | Elisa Strinna

Storie Adeane – Headean Stories by Elisa Strinna is an artificial landscape animated by cables, pipes and ceramic sculptures that cross walls and ground without interruption.

The elements of this ecosystem seem to put two dimensions in communication, one visible, that of the viewer, and one that is not evident, hidden, underground. The cables, the wires, the tubes of Storie Adeane – Headean Stories are those that connect our world on the surface by transmitting infinite flows of information: they are the fiber optic skeins that cross the sea depths, far from our digital devices and which allow, even if invisible, the existence of much of our visible world.

Storie Adeane – Headean Stories is a narration of a period prior to the formation of the world, when everything was divided into exists and does not yet exist. Hades, hence Haedean, is the deity of the afterlife for the classical mythical tradition, lord of what is not seen but is there, of chaos. Western science, on the other hand, is what is closest to understanding the cosmos, of order, of what can be measured. In the field of the measurable, the Adean territories are a space of contemplation, speculation, mystery.

By analyzing the intersection of these two realities, Strinna’s research shows how technology and its infrastructures, the dynamics that make it possible, can be studied in its continuous and vital expansion.


Elisa Strinna, Headean Stories – Storie Adeane, 2018-2019
Mixed media installation (porcelain, stoneware), dimensions variable 
Blind Sun, Culturgest Porto
©Alexandre Delmar