Two figures, perhaps two men or perhaps two women (but in the end it doesn’t matter), are captured while using what can be imagined to be a public bathroom: their mimic gesture and their unexpected presence seem to challenge gender diversifications and categorization of a place based on sexuality. We are in Barcelona and this is just one of the places that El Palomar together with Xoean Anleo explore: going around through the city, its public places such as parks, botanical gardens, museums, fountains, they use the  human figure and their body to thin the diversification between gender characteristics, reading a zero degree of human being with which they can explore queer culture.

Inductores Ideales (2015) is a project that is divided into different forms: born as a video in which the two pink protagonists visit the city and relate their body to the space and to themselves, then it found further formalization as a series of photographs and as a publication. Inductores Ideales with its physical and formal explorations gravitates around the redefinition of the body understood as a switch that not only acts as a physical and sexual stimulator but also an ideal one, developing current issues regarding sexual orientation and the definition of one’s person.

The body is rediscovered by the fuchsia couple who, like images in the mirror, interact with each other, stimulating and touching each other seeking pleasure. The body is also the tool chosen to get in touch with reality and for the rediscovery of space: man is defined not so much by his/her gender but by his/her interaction with other entities. The irruption of the two protagonists in the places we live in every day is functional to spreading a new theory of the body and identity, deliberately and ironically pop. The two figures, almost as if they came out of a dream, with their movements in which the body slowly rediscovers itself, suggest a revival of instinct and corporeality in a dreamlike and transcendent dimension. The fuchsia suit is just a container for an attitude and a thought that challenges the traditional visions of man and any misogenic or homophobic behavior, in an attempt to generate a conscious and open thought.


El Palomar + Xoán Anleo.
Inductores ideales (Ideal inductors), 2015.
Film, HD video, color, sounds, 9 min.
11 framed photos, variable sizes.
Artist edition (zine), 32 p. edition of 40 units.
Courtesy of the artists ©El Palomar