"Just Like Arcadia", veduta dell'installazione al Krakow Photomonth festival (particolare), 2016, stampe su PVC trasparente

Just Like Arcadia – Discipula

Discipula collective, through this body of works – that is more conceived as on operation than a single work itself – becomes part of the dialogue dealing with the valuable side of the images and how memory and the usage of intangible data could be preserved. From a source-image, in specific from the render of an architect project for ‘Garden Bridge’ in London, the artists intervened corrupting the digital chromosome of the image itself, adding some verses by the poem La Arcadia, Prose e Versi written by the spanish writer Felix Lope de Vega in 1598.

The render itself, perfect project, apparently without any connection with the effective reality, represents a pure linguistic operation, giving voice to the real estate industry. The same occurs in Vega’s poem, where the descripted landscape appeares to be way to much perfect to be real.


Discipula, Just Like Arcadia, installation view at Krakow Photomonth festival (detail), 2016, print on PVC ©Discipula 2016