Picture from an other image | Giulio Saverio Rossi

Picture from an other image by Giulio Saverio Rossi is an ongoing series. Not only because the series is actually unfinished, but also because it is a dialogue of translations between analogue tools and digital media.

The first work of this series in fact depicts an enlarged detail of a previously created painting and is realized starting from a digital photograph. Each subsequent painting is born from the photograph of the last pictorial version made.

This cyclical movement of translation of detail, and therefore of transmission of difference, demonstrates refined attention to the role and dynamics that exist between photography and painting in the series: the first mediates, the second fixes, and the oscillation between the two coincides each time with the presence of an image and its materiality.

In this way, Rossi’s painting does not end in itself but lives by referring to something else, to other paintings, other details.

By constructing a game of mirrors in the relationship between original and copy, between whole and particular, which is renewed and reactivated with each new line of this dialogue, the work becomes an index, a trace of this game of references and self-citations, in a kaleidoscope of sister images.


©Giulio Saverio Rossi, Picture from another Image #1, 2018
oil on linen
41 x 41 cm
courtesy the artist