Oggi, 22 Giugno 2023, si è dato il via all' l'illuminazione delle lanterne di Antonio Marras, nel vicoletto di San Pietro a Majella a Napoli. 
Ph. Cristina Di Criscio


“Questi miei fantasmi” is the site-specific installation conceived by the artist and fashion designer Antonio Marras. Created in collaboration with students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, the installation is composed by hundreds of lanterns, hand-cut and hand-sewn using scraps of high-fashion fabrics donated by Marras.
The artwork is exhibited in Vico di San Pietro a Majella and in Rampe del Salvatore, creating an evocative atmosphere. It is an intervention in the urban landscape aimed at highlighting diversities, represented by the various fabrics used, through light, a symbol of life and rebirth from darkness. It is an ode to the richness of differences and the beauty that emerges when they come together.

The artwork is part of “Napoli Contemporanea 2023” project, which aims to make the city a European reference point for contemporary art.


© “Questi miei fantasmi”, Antonio Marras, installation view at Napoli Contemporanea 2023, courtesy Comune di Napoli

More information: Comune di Napoli