THE OTHER SHAPE OF THINGS – 1. Failed Objects | Emilio Vavarella

The Other Shape of Things is the title of two ongoing sculptural projects by artist Emilio Vavarella produced through various technologies and techniques, including 3D-scanners, data manipulation and 3D-printing. The Other Shape of Things – 1. Failed Objects (2017-ongoing) is a collection of so called ‘failed objects’: 3D prints collected by Vavarella saving them from destruction because of their imperfections or distortions.

Each found object undergoes a process of crystallization and translation into something different: first of all, they are digitalized with a 3D scanner, then reprinted using a 3D printer and remodeled into second object. This whole process is then repeated for this second piece, so that a third object is produced. Each step of this procedure adds room for further unpredictable glitches and distortions enriching the objects every time.

The resulting series is the outcome of the error that is inherent to translation and mediation and all these deviations from the ‘original’ are embedded in each piece.

The Other Shape of Things addresses the concept of failure within a technological process of creation and by taking on the reproduction mechanism Vavarella shows us the creative power of distortion and the innate potentiality inside seriality that just needs to be triggered.


©Emilio Vavarella, THE OTHER SHAPE OF THINGS – 1. Failed Objects, 2017-on going.
Sculptural series in ABS and PLA plastic realized with 3D scanner and printers from found objects. Details of sculpture  S01-05.
Courtesy the artist and GALLLERIAPIÙ