The Violent Sequence | Jospeh Desler Costa

The Violent Sequence by Joseph Desler Costa takes its title from the homonymous song by Pink Floyd recorded as soundtrack for the last famous sequence of the film Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni (1970). The final scene of the film, the so-called ‘violent sequence’, shows the slow-motion montage of the explosion of a luxurious household on the hills devoured by flames together with all the objects that it contains. The apex of violence and vanity of consumerism thus reaches its most evident peak.

In Costa’s version, The Violent Sequence is a reflection on the seduction of mass consumption and its dangers. The artist in his installation instead of showing its destruction, presents an endless series of famous commercial products that orbit the screen. The Violent Sequence hypnotizes us into ambiguity, showing us the moment when the charm of an effective advertising campaign disappears and the disgust of commercial manipulation becomes evident.

 Joseph Desler Costa, The Violent Sequence, 2016.
Silent HD Video
©️The artist