TUTTI AL MARE (1843-2023) | RIMINI

“Tutti al mare (1843-2023). 180 anni in vacanza a Rimini” is the photographic exhibition displayed along the Rimini promenade. More than 200 images, including photographs and posters, are exhibited in over 2.5 km of beach, recounting 180 years of the Riviera lifestyle, from the first bathhouse foundation to the present day.

The uniqueness of this setup does not allow a sequential and chronological narrative. Therefore, 8 sections have been designed, each exploring a specific theme, such as the fashion and costumes evolution, the beach with its architecture and objects, games and hobby, and the different beach types.


© Isola delle Rose, Rimini, courtesy Archivio fotografico della Biblioteca Gambalunga

More information: Biblioteca Gambalunga
Dates: July 1 – August 31, 2023