19:53 | Tianzhuo Chen

Tianzhuo Chen’s videos are real digital narratives based on solid technological architectures. Chen’s works include motifs and settings typical of virtual and 3D compositions, they build impactful scenes with disturbing characters that narrate dystopian scenes of our society. Chen orchestrates complex multimedia architectures, choral performances composed of fluorescent colours, masks, costumes and sounds. His videos often welcome and combine symbols and references typical of languages belonging to different cultures.

19:53 is a clear example: in what appears to be a freak-show on a pink background, elements belonging to subcultures coexist (hip hop aesthetics, drag, vogue), religious symbols (totems, Taoist and Shamanist elements) as well as some belonging to popular culture (kawai and sick-kawai aesthetics, anime, cartoon). 19:53 thus reproduces the same stratification of influences that can be found on the web and at the same time allows the viewer to immerse themselves in a hybrid atmosphere that voluntarily confuses what exists in nature and what is created.

His choral choreographies are not designed to be enjoyed live, but are created for video use. In this way, the work can no longer be influenced by the place in which it is presented but based on the perception of the public who observes it. The presence of the sound element is of great importance to complete an all-encompassing experience for the viewer: assuming that a large part of our daily experience is mediated by a graphic interface, Chen offers us opportunities for experimentation that have the same validity and complexity of meaning and definition of every expression of reality.



Directed by Tianzhuo Chen
Music by Yico, Zhiqi
Written by Beio and Tianzhuo
Starring: Yico, Beio, Ylva Falk, RockDaniRoll, Nader, Han Yu, Danny Xin, Lynn Zidan, Nan Wang, Dope Girls.
Duration: 06:55
Single Chanel video
©the artist