Generazione Critica is a research project devoted to the most recent art trends on the international scene, with its main focus on the contemporary production of images. Generazione Critica (i.e. ‘Critic Generation’) is an online bilingual magazine, published in Italian / English. Founded in 2012 it features interviews, insights, critic essays, reviews and a news section. The focus on art from 2000 onwards characterizes the contents and the particular attention towards the projects of research and experimentation. It follows a various range of activities, from the one fostered by non-profit organizations, to the one organized by public and private institutions, with a privileged attention to the dialogue with the artist.


DIGITAL VIDEO WALL (DVW) is a project devoted to the promotion, diffusion and experimentation of digital art and deepen its creative practices in order to explore its expressive possibilities. Digital Video Wall shows and presents art projects that uses video art, animation, VR, graphics, textual content and all forms of experimentation involving the languages of new technologies and their complexities.
With Digital Video Wall, Generazione Critica supports artistic experimentations in post media practices, promotes their diffusion to a wide and heterogeneous public.


Generazione Critica
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Editorial Director Marcella Manni
Editor Giada Bigarelli, Gemma Fantacci
Translation Toby Wall

April – May 2021, Eleonora Gandolfi (news)
Via Carteria 10
41121 Modena

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