Auratic Sentiency | Hannah Neckel

I feel like
like the lines of my body are melting away
how do you feel when you are not dreaming
the difference between reality and dream
is belief
I can’t feel the boundaries
where I end and where I begin
my form is floating, melting away

Since the birth of the Internet, the network has been used as a catalyst for communities and as a place for personal fulfillment: Hannah Neckel’s research focuses on the ways in which technology shapes emotions and influences the manifestation of feelings. Neckel explores the interpersonal relationship between us, our phones and therefore our online lives, merging our IRL and URL experiences.

Since it is emotions that activate our perception of the world and the actions taken online have consequences on offline reality (and vice versa), an emotional practice and a daily experience of these two dimensions confuses the boundaries in our mind. The aesthetic experience linked to Neckel’s works is built on this double track that assembles a new, hybrid and symbiotic imaginary.

Auratic Sentiency builds a placid, moldable and fluid space in which real and virtual overflow on top of each other like an overflowing glass that spills and invades our perception. Neckel conceives her work as a further stage in the field of net art: a post virtual dimension in which IRL and URL objects are indistinguishable and have the same status, and in which safe space is granted to express oneself and connect.

©Hannah Neckel, Auratic Sentiency, 2021, still