Cineteca di Bologna celebrates the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini happened one hundred years ago, on 5ht of March 1922, with a dedicated program and an exhibition at the new spaces of the Sottopasso in Piazza Re Enzo. The exhibition, Folgorazioni figurative, will be open from the 1st of March to the 16th of October 2022: a journey to discover how the great works of the history of art are grafted onto Pasolini’s cinematographic work, in an endless dialogue.

The exhibition focuses on the pictorial influences that inspired Pier Paolo Pasolini and that later found a new life within his cinema. The masterpieces of medieval and Renaissance art are a constant references of the Bolognese director. The exhibition produced by Cineteca di Bologna and curated by Antonio Bazzocchi, Roberto Chiesi and Gian Luca Farnelli, focuses precisely on this comparison that can be seen from the first cinematographic experiments up to Salò in 1975.

The education which Pasolini received during his studies, allowed him to approach art and painting and bring them inside his practice and cinema  in an innovative way. The director’s new and disruptive use of these sources within his cinema is therefore dazzling, giving them a new vitality, diversity and at the same time a strong erotic charge.


Pier Paolo Pasolini. Folgorazioni figurative
Sottopasso di Piazza Re Enzo, Bologna
Until the 16th October