IMAGE CAPITAL is the result of the research carried out by Estelle Blaschke and Amirn Linke: by combining textual sources and different artistic projects, the project tries to define the history of photography in relation to technological developments. IMAGE CAPITAL explores the various problematics and questions about photography and its changing during the years through an exhibition that is developed in six thematic chapters. The exhibition is conceived as a wide selection of interviews, videos, images, publications and objects. In this way, a layered narrative will be offered to the visitors which will have the opportunity to reshuffle thoughts in open-ended ways.

The premiere of the project, which took place at the Museum Folkwand in Essen on the 9th September 2022, will be followed by a series of presentations, which every time will have a different organization and screening. IMAGE CAPITAL will be also visible at the MAST Foundation in Bologna, the Center Pompidou in Paris and at the Deutsche Borsa Photography Fondation in Frankfurt.


More info: image-capital.com