Paper House, 2017

Paper House | Leonard Suryajaya

Paper House is part of the photographic series False Idol (2017-ongoing) by Leonard Suryajaya, a Chinese-Indonesian artist who lives and works in Chicago. The series reflects on Suryajaya’s experience with the immigration office regarding his residence permit. Issues of cultural, territorial and family’s sense of belonging are elaborated by the artist in his tableaux, deliberately eccentric because the only possible perspective for those who want to reflect deeply on the regulatory system that regulates society is far from the center: colorful wallpapers, floral compositions, curious choreographies of bodies, sparkling dishes, dream settings form the artist’s imagination and create a divergent, extravagant and bizarre atmosphere. Do you want to supervise? To check? To verify? Come, this is my reality.

The characters that populate the scenes from False Idol are members of the Suryajaya family and community, involved in the project as a testimony to a loyalty of blood and tradition that reassures, calms and makes you smile. Suryajaya’s photographs are experiments on the limits of the intimacy of a group that recognizes itself as such, of the trust of its members; they are a hymn to the freedom of expression and manifestation of the individual, against any authoritarian imposition. They are affectionate hugs and a declaration of love for those who are willing to fully question themselves for you without question.

© Leonard Suryajaya, Paper House, 2017
Archival Inkjet Print
28×35 in
courtesy the artist