Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp hosts Ring of Animal, the first solo exhibition of South-Korean artist Young In Hong (Seoul,1972) in Belgium that will be on view  until the 21th of May 2023. The exhibition has its focus on the installation made by the artists composed bye ix sets of straw-woven shoes for different species of animals placed in a circle. Using a traditional Korean technique, Hong creates a mystical ring of animals featuring creatures that normally do not share a common habitat.

The artists with this exhibition, re-establishes the chapel as a place for protection, but also for reflection on the ineffable and inseparable bond between man and animal. A space allowing for associations between what we see and what we imagine, between the forgotten and our current time. The new works of In Hong are deeply in dialog with the spaces of Kunsthal Extra City and offer the chance to dig inside the site specific approach to art.


More information: extracitykunsthal.be