Senza titolo (Linea) | Boris Contarin

Looking at the landscape with abstraction and bringing it back to a formal, symbolic and self-reflective dimension is for Boris Contarin one of the most direct ways to reach with the camera the deep knots of Doubt and Truth.

The four videos that make up Senza titolo (Linea) (Untitled (Line)) are connected by a common trait, a silent question subtended by each of them: what it means to be a moving image, what it means to reproduce it. By disassembling the work into four different recordings, Contarin’s theoretical and philosophical approach applied to the medium a self-reflective logic on the process of creating video art and on the use of the video camera, or the smartphone, with theoretical and formal precision: analyzing issues dear to the author, such as the study of mental image, perception, the dialectic between the macro- and the microscopic, the artist builds a dense dialogue, full of iconic and narrative references between the frames, the narrations and the shots.

Boris Contarin, Senza titolo (Linea), 2018
HD Video, 1′, Loop.
©the artist