Skin of Light | Kate Dunn

Skin of Light (2020) by Kate Dunn is an immersive installation that engages the senses in an overwhelming experience. A altarpiece painted with UV pigment colors welcomes the viewer in an enclosed, silent environment. All of a sudden the lights go out, the pigments are activated and the atmosphere changes completely. An electronic audio track produced by Inigo Blue and Shoobz Darg leads the viewer into a state of mind of peace, detachment from reality, sensory activation that make Skin of Light a unique audiovisual performance, almost liturgical, in which the fluorescent pigments, typical of the rave culture, allow the painting to react in three different stages of the performance: in light, UV rays and darkness.

The feeling of being out of time and an indefinite space helps to create the idea, realized in retrospect, of having lived an experience of transcendence in which the mind is concentrated on the changing colors of what is in effect an altarpiece: Skin of Light talks about transcendence and all the ways in which men and women try to grasp it, through prayer, drugs, music, art, dance, all of them or none.


©Kate Dunn, Skin of Light, 2020
Mixed media installation
courtesy of the artist

Kate Dunn’s work is now on display at “The tabernacle – Welcome to Pharmakon” at A plus A Gallery, Venice in collaboration with TJ Boulting, London
October 2nd – December 18th, 2021